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Yay multitasking and random sketches.

...you know, now that I really think about it, our RP plotlines are getting progressively more depressing. For something that started out as a silly OOC cracky thing, it's...kind of surprising. I mean, we know the ending, the ending isn't all woe and sadness, and looking at all the people we brought back to life for various reasons...I just don't understand how everything ended up so depressing. XD

Kay. This is mostly for my reference, because I was getting my timeline confused. (We do a lot of things out of order at this point)

Start: "Angie's World" arc. Complete ridiculousness. (it's not going to be an official part of the doujin; I'm drawing it as a Gaiden because certain things later on reference it, but)
1. Beginning in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, and 1st FF7 arc (AC arc)
2. Aerith in the Underworld/Zack arc + Wedding :D
3. Balamb arc (FF8)
4. Interlude, winter, Sephiroth/Sora + Anti-form arc, return of the Org. + Axel, Cloud + Leon, Shiva arc (all simultaneous)
6. 2nd Underworld arc
7. Misc. daily life, SoraRikuKairi, more Antiform, Cloud/Tifa date, Leon + Cloud and resolution of Shiva problem (all simultaneous)
8. Arrival of little Asch & Sephiroth
9. Auldrant arc (ToA)
8. FF7: DoC arc + Sephiroth arc

....looking at it like that, it doesn't seem nearly as long, huh. o_o

Anyway, on to the art. Finally designed Zack's new clothing period, since I needed to get him out of that damn SOLDIER uniform. I was having a hard time because, well, you never see Zack wearing anything BUT the SOLDIER uniform. Beh. I've drawn him in normal clothes (a button-down shirt and such) but I needed something [relatively] practical for fighting/traveling purposes.

....finally got my inspiration from a (not so unlikely) source.

....ohohohoho Iz-kun made a not-so-subtle visual pun. (Referring to an article that was convinced that Terra=Zack. Har har.)

Kept the SOLDIER!boots, though, because I'm tired of designing Nomura-style boots. It gets really old really fast.

For the Tales of the Abyss arc, I didn't feel like changing it too much, so I added a jacket-type thing...

(yes, the back shot makes him look girly but I was concentrating on the design rather than drawing his manly figure properly. Shh.)

Aaaannnd some random doodling.

Little Genesis, Sephiroth and Angeal plotting something. Well, Genesis is definitely plotting something, Angeal is just bored, and Seph is probably wondering what's going on.

Shalua. <3 Though I really can't draw her. x.x Aki draws her so much better...it's almost embarassing. Though she practices more... Seph x Shalua OTP FTW *shot* XD

The Strife family + 1? XD Honestly, I can't remember when plotwise that Cloud and Tifa started sleeping in the same room/bed but it makes for a cute picture. XD (I really had to think about how to word that so it wouldn't sound awkward. Even though the other way of saying it is true, too. *scandalized expression* I just don't poke into the love lives of the characters I play that much. It's embarrassing? XD I can write romance but RPing it is...I dunno, a bit like an invasion of privacy. Makes no sense. XD)

asdlkasdlka;ladska;vk Little Asch is so cute. His "parents" are going to be so disappointed when they see him all grown up and bitchy. >:
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