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First post!

Mostly informational, with links out.

Roleplay scripts up to the end of the Balamb arc, plus some supplemental writing. Oh man, this is so old. >.< I'm so glad we've matured since then...it was fun, but it's a bit embarrassing...XD The doujinshi for that part will be heavily revised.

Previous art post. Also old. >.< Some of the links are broken, which I can't do much about since it's Aki's art.

Art between then and now: (some posted previously on my regular LJ)

Jessie and Sora
The Radiant Garden gang
Sora, Riku, and Kairi 1 2
Sora tries to give Cloud some encouragement...*cough*

Older Sora, Riku and Kairi concepts, as well as Ansem's apprentices
Little Cloud, Squall, and the Gullwings
Christmas time~ (group pic, unfinished)
You just keep telling yourself that, Riku.
Sora protests his treatment.

Mock-up of the first page
A mysterious stranger...or is it?
Kadaj's gift to Aerith for Mother's Day.
Switching clothes. XD
Little Asch and Cloud.

Zack attempts to cheer Cloud up. (not an easy feat. :p)
The FF7 gang, DoC arc style.
Down the Rabbit Hole~ (don't ask. XD) (individual pieces: 1 2

Sephiroth/pre-DoC arc
Little Genesis
Little Sephiroth
Little Sephiroth, sketch by Aki, colors by me
Young Genesis and Angeal (lineart by me, copics by Aki)
Preview. Warning--crappy Japanese. x.x
DoC arc Sephiroth concept
Teenage Genesis concept
AWW WEREN'T THEY CUTE. Not for long. >.>
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