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sketch dump

Mostly Dirge of Cerberus Arc, but some other random crap too.

Nero and Weiss. Came out surprisingly well, though i had no good reference for Nero's weird bondage headgear thing. o.o (how does he talk with that on again?) And I was actually able to draw Weiss' hair...and his bare chest...XD Overall a success? Still need to practice Rosso and Azul.

Shelke. asldakldsl;kl;kal;sddls I CAN'T DRAW HER. I dunno. It just never comes out looking right. The proportions are off here too, oh well.

Random sample page demonstrating once again that I can't draw Shelke. x.x

Random love:

Cloud and Tifa in their outfits from Aerith and Zack's wedding. Best Man and Maid of Honor. Guess who caught the bouquet? XD

SoraRikuKairi love. <3 Though my ability to draw Kairi seems to have left me momentarily. D:

ZxA <3 It was originally supposed to be Crisis Core but Aerith looks too old to be 17.

Tags: aerith, cloud, dirge of cerberus arc, kairi, nero the sable, riku, shelke the transparent, sora, tifa, weiss the immaculate, zack, zack is awesomness in a can
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