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More DoC/Sephiroth arc stuff.

Vincent + Shelke's sexy makeover. XDDD I figured it was about time Vincent got some new clothes and can just imagine Yuffie dragging Shelke off to give her fashion education...

Crappy Zack doodle and Leon being silly. XD My (in love with Tifa) Cloud and Aki's (in love with his straight best friend) Leon have an improbable, unrealistic relationship, but honestly I could care less.

....why Sephiroth can't use any other sword besides Masamune. Poor WRO members. XD The only reason Reeve probably put those two in charge of a squad was because together they're more useful then three squads put together. XD

Genesis, Gackt concert outfit/DoC ending!style. Even with Nomura's official art as reference, this is such a bitch to draw. >.<

Finally some skinny teenagers for Aki. >.> *hides*

Tags: cloud, dirge of cerberus arc, genesis, leon, little angeal, little genesis, little seph, sephiroth arc, sephy-chan, shelke the transparent, vincent, yuffie, zack, zack is awesomeness in a can
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