Enzel (sakurabatou) wrote in sekainokokoro,

Recent art

Mostly done last night.

Cloud hanging with his (other) best friend in the kitchen. Also smiling, (omg!) most likely because Sephiroth is not involved.

Zack and Sephiroth discussing something. I'd say chocobos except someone looks upset about something. (al;aslkdslksd Zack's hair killed me. Whyyy.)

Tifa and her "son". <3 (and random Cloud in the corner)

Aerith does the laundry while Fenrir eyes the strawberry-peach fabric softener...(Fenrir always looks more like a flamingo than a chocobo. Can't draw animals. >.<)

Zack again, because he's awesome.
Tags: aerith, cloud, fenrir, leon, little asch, sephy-chan, tifa, zack, zack is awesomness in a can
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