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Let's go to...Baticul!

I realized I sacrificed my Square Enix/Namco OTP icon a little while ago. D: Ah well. There it is up there. *points to community icon*

Was bored last night, and thinking about the Tales of the Abyss arc, for some reason, not the Dirge of Cerberus arc, which I SHOULD be thinking about. Har har. Decided I'd design the offworlders some clothes so they'd fit in. At least visually.

This involved Fujishima-izing Nomura designs. Usually Fujishima-izing things isn't terribly difficult, since it really just involves a lot of geometric shapes and "if I cosplayed this, I'd need lots of bias tape." But he also seems to like symmetry, which became a problem because Cloud's outfit is decidedly not symmetrical. Dammit, Cloud.

Also, colors. :D Monotonous black was getting old.

Cloud. He only brings Origin with him, so there was no need for the elaborate sheath. Also, I got to have fun with actual colors. :D Though I decided a white shirt was pushing it. (...but purple. Hee.)

Tifa. This was fairly easy, though I had to be careful not to make her look like an American flag. Or a French one. Your pick.

Sketch of Tifa and Asch being bitchy. (As if he isn't perpetually bitchy.) You can see the details in her outfit better here. Ignore Asch. Can't draw him, and had no reference.

Still got Zack and Sora left, though I might leave Sora's design up to Aki...
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